The Elewana Collection and SkySafari continue to monitor the global situation and the exceptional circumstances that are constantly evolving, giving our future guests justifiable reason for concern. 

These are challenging times and we are committed to making responsible decisions for the future of tourism. We strive to operate responsibly by ensuring our top priority is putting the health and safety of our guests and staff first. As a result of COVID-19, many Travel Advisories, Government restrictions or flight bans were imposed and we were faced with the reality of guests not being able to stay at our properties. On the 1st April 2020 we temporarily suspended operations and safely repatriated over 800 of our employees to ensure that they were free from harm. We will assess the situation on a regular basis and update you accordingly.

We have updated our COVID-19 Policy to offer our travel trade partners and their client’s better terms to support greater flexibility, postponement and ease of travel and replaces the previous policy issued on 17 April 2020. 

The following exceptions to our standard T&Cs apply:

New Bookings:

No deposit required to confirm a new booking.*

Full payment will be due 40 days prior to arrival or the booking will be released.

No cancellation fees up to 40 days prior to arrival.

Space is subject to availability.

Elewana Collection or SkySafari reserve the right to request the Agent to either release the booking or make a 20% deposit within 48 hours when necessary.

Travel period up until 30 June 2021.

* New bookings refers to all bookings made after the 01 June 2020.
Existing Bookings:

We will offer agents, with existing booking* for clients, the option to defer travel up until 31 December 2021 (subject to availability) at no financial penalty. Full Payment will be due 60 days before arrival.

Circuit Discount rates or other Special Offers that have been booked can be carried over to the new dates in either 2020 or 2021. This is valid provided the request to defer is received 60 days before the original arrival date.

We will offer agents the ability to hold rooms (subject to availability) until 120 days prior to arrival at which point a 20% deposit is required. Full Payment will be due 60 days before arrival.

The Elewana Collection can stop sale or recall any space falling within 60 days to arrival (90 days in high season), where deemed necessary.

Cancellations within 30 days of arrival will be bound by normal cancellation fees.

* Existing bookings refers to all bookings made before the 01 June 2020.

Price increase & third party costs:

Any rate increase due to a change in season or third party costs, for example Park Fees, will be to the client’s account.

Guest Country of Origin:

We will require the country of origin of all guests that have confirmed bookings with The Elewana Collect and SkySafari to be provided at the time of booking.

Our payments terms and conditions from July 2021:

A 10% deposit will be required to be paid 14 days from the date of making a booking. The balance will need to be paid 30 days prior to travel.

Travel Advisories:

For any Guests in-country when a travel advisory changes, or due to depart within 7 days that are impacted by a new travel advisory will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Insurance:

We advise guests who are planning to travel to secure Comprehensive Travel Insurance that will cover medical expenses, personal baggage and money loss, as well as travel curtailment, regardless of any official COVID-19 travel advisory.

Our COVID-19 Policy updated 01 June 2020 will remain in place until such time that we need to revise it to reflect new circumstances, when the World Health Organisation declares the pandemic over or restrictions impacting travel (in particular countries or advisories in place where the Elewana Collection and SkySafari operate) are lifted and we can reinstate our standard Terms & Conditions.

In the event of any extenuating circumstances that would necessitate an approach beyond the terms and conditions, cited herein, we will review any such incidence, on a case by case basis, and seek to establish the most flexible and understanding approach possible, in the circumstances.

We remain committed to working with you to ensure your guests get to enjoy the Elewana experience they have been planning. Thank you for your support in this challenging time and please continue to let us know how we can assist you. We remain flexible and committed to assisting with any other considerations you may have.

Should you require assistance, please reach out to us:

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