Welcome to SkySafari, the Ultimate African Adventure.

SkySafari is a bespoke blend of incomparable game-viewing opportunities, luxuriant accommodations, intimate dining choices and tailor-made experiences all combining to create a series of unsurpassable and lifelong memories.

SkySafari encompasses the very best of Tanzania’s wondrous landscape. From the foothills of Kilimanjaro’s sister mountain, Mount Meru, to the magical tree houses in Tarangire, and from the drama and beauty of the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti plains to the island paradise of Zanzibar, SkySafari delivers the ultimate African experience - without exception.

8 days of excitement, comfort and style, and all that is best in a Tanzanian safari.
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Tel : +255 27 250 0630 / 1 - 9

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Bella's travel diary written as she ventured off with SkySafari, exploring Tanzania's safari circuit, spotting 'The Big Five' and enjoying culinary delights for which Elewana's chefs have become well-known.

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